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CAI and $2.99 Intake Heat Shield

The Cold Air Intake (CAI) is made from 3" diameter mandrel-bent polished aluminum tubing. The stock routing for air to the airbox has been removed. The K&N filter sits down a little into the large diameter hole where the intake for the airbox normally would connect. Cool air is drawn from inside of the fender well. It's not directly exposed to weather, dirt, and water in that postion, and gets as much cool air as it wants. Also, there's enough of a gap at the junction where the filter sits that water can't be drawn up into the intake as it might if it were lower (unless it's up to the top of the wheels and then I'm screwed anyway). The intake temperature sensor is zip-tied to the body next to the mouth of the filter.

As far as I know, there's no aftermarket intake heat shield made for the E39 540, so...

Rubbermaid office trashcan (part # 2965, $2.99 at Home Depot) and about 15 minutes with a heat gun. ; )

I really just did it as a goof, but it came out so well that I left it in. Looks and works as well as any. The rim seals up nice and tight against the underhood pad, and it's enclosed and formed in place to mate with the contours of the area under the filter. At some point I'll take this out and use it as a mold for a more finished version using some other material that I found. Until then, yes, I'm actually driving around with a trashcan in my car. lol



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