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Below are links to various sites and information that may be of interest to enthusiasts, BMW and otherwise.

If you know of other interesting sites or would like your site posted here, let me know. Also, please let me know if any of the links aren't working.


E39-specific Links

Roadfly's BMW Central E39 Message Board - probably the best and most active E39 forum on the Net:


BMW Tips and Tricks - the bible for E39-specific info:


A German-language version similar to BMW Tips:


Unofficial BMW's E39 page:


Viet has a great page with excellent instructions for typical mods, repairs and maintenance for the E39:


Zeckhausen Racing - Dave Z is the resident expert regarding E39 brakes and big brake upgrades, the CDV, NAV systems, and various other upgrades and repairs. See his series of excellent technical articles here:


Malachi's 540i6 Site - Among other information related to the the E39, Malachi has a great collection of dyno and 1/4 mile performance data for E39s with various mods. Nice job: - great information regarding the I- and K-bus for the E39, as well as NAV systems and the CPT8000 phone:


Jimmy's ultimate "Ultimate Driving Machine" - a 450hp Dinan supercharged 98 540i:


Other Interesting BMW links

The BMW ETK parts database in on-line form:


Only one general BMW link really necessary... Ben Liaw's BIG BMW Links - almost everything is here:


Suzy Kraft's E36 M3 page and mail list - one of the best BMW mailing lists and boards on the Net. Lots of content, minimal BS:


Jim Powell's BMW Home Page - Jim has a really nice M3 and does some cool stuff that has broader applications, including the rearview mirrors with built in Valentine V1 remote display above, DIY "Angel Eyes" conversion, painted bulbs for clear corners, etc. - take a look here:


Top BMW Sites - links to BMW Related websites from all over the Internet:


BMW Tire Section Calculator - nice job Aaron:


Put down that paper clip and at least make your own SI reset switch (you cheap SOB! ; ) - again, courtesy of Aaron (may need to resize on your screen for best image):

BMW Mailing Lists

The BMW Digest - one of the first BMW newsgroups. To subscribe, send mail to: with the word "subscribe" as the text of the email message.


BMW UUC Digest - one of the more popular general BMW mailing lists.


General V1 Links

  Valentine One radar detector information:

Valentine Research, Inc. web site


BMW V1 Install Ideas

Peter Glaskowsky has put together a great set of instructions for hard-wiring the V1 unit with lots of detail and pics. Refer to Peter's page for instructions regarding how to wire the main unit and the concealed display:
V1 Hard-wire Instructions

For absolutely the most clean and "stealthy" install, take a look at the new "StealthOne" integration with the BMW instrument displays. Doesn't get any better than this.

StealthOne BMW V1 integrated instrument cluster display

Very nice ashtray install for the remote in an E39:
Concealed display mounted in the ashtray

Main unit mounted below the motion detector in an E39:
(Just a placeholder for now - have to find the cover and take some new pics)

Jim Powell's "InV1si Mirror" rearview mirror mounting for the concealed display:

James McIver's stealth V1 install in the third-brake light housing in an E36 M3:

Jason's stealth V1 install in a visor-mounted CaseLogic CD case and ashtray remote.

Another BMW install:


V1 Installs for Other Vehicles

Audi S4:


Honda ST1100 (bike):




General Automotive Links - A very cool site with daily news related to performance cars, tuning, and other information of interest to enthusiasts. Currently, the site is down, but it was good enough that I'm not giving up on it yet:

Summit Racing's Racing Dictionary - link to the left at top of page:

More to come...



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