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BMW Inspection I/II Checklist


BMW Service Maintenance Checklist
BMW Engine Oil Service Required

Change oil and oil filter while engine is at normal operating temperature.

Change oil in rear axle while at normal operating temperature (only at 1st engine oil service).

Reset Service Indicator
Note:  Do not reset Service indicator when additional oil changes (between the normal intervals) are requested by the customer.)


BMW Oxygen Sensor Replacement Required at intervals of 100,000 miles

BMW Inspection I


Change engine oil and oil filter while engine is at normal operating temperature.


Check transmission for leaks.


Check rear axle for leaks.


Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks


Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system.  Examine for leaks.


Check power steering system for leaks


Remove and install front and reat disc brake pads, check overall thickness.  Examine brake disc surfaces.  Clean brake pad contact pointsin calipers.  Grease wheel centering hubs.


Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension track rods,front axle joints, steering linkage and joint disc.


Check brake and clutch system connections and lines for leaks, damage and incorrect positioning.


Check for free movement of the parking brake cables.  Adjust parking brake if necessary.


Check all tie pressures (including spare).  Correct if necessary.  Check condition of tires (outer surfaces [left/right]), tread wear and pattern; incase of uneven tread wear readjust wheel alignment if requested (to beinvoiced separately).
Note: If requested, rotate all four road wheels as instructed and rebalance (invoice separately).

Engine Compartment

Read out diagnostic system.


Check engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks.  Check coolant level and antifreeze protection level; add coolant if necessary.
Note: Coolant must be replaced every 2 years (time interval begins fromvehicle's production date).


Check windshield washer fluid level and antifreeze protection.  Fill upand/or correct if necessary.


Check air conditioner for operation.


Reset Service Indicator.

Body/Electrical Equipment

Check battery electrolyte level and add distilled water if required.


Perform battery load test.


Checking lighting system, I.e., headlights, foglights, parking, back-up, license plate, interior (including map reading lights, glove box, flash-light, illuminated make-up mirrors, luggage compartment/area lights.


Check insturment panel and dashboard illumination.


Check all warning/indicator lights, check control.


Check turn signals, hazard warning flashers, brake lights, horns, head-light dimmer and flasher switch.


Check wipers and washer system(s); wiper blades, washer jet positions.


Check rear window washerlevel and antifreeze protection.  Fill up and/or correct.


Check condition and function of safety belts.


Oil hood, trunk/tailgate and door hinges.  Grease hood, trunk/tailgate and door latches.  Check operations of all latches.


Check central locking/double lock.


Replace microfilter.
Note: Reduce replacement interval in dusty operating conditions.


Check heater/air conditioner blower, rear window defogger.


Check rear view mirrors.


Visually examine the SRS airbag units for torn cover, obvious damage or attachment of decals, decorations or accessories.


Activate automatic roll-over protection system if equipped) via diagnostic link.
Note: First remove hardtop/lower top.

Final Inspection

Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, clutch/manual transmission or automatic transmission.

BMW Inspection II
Includes all items listed under Inspection I and the following checks and maintenance operations:

Engine Compartment

Replace spark plugs.


Replace intake air cleaner element.Note:  Reduce replacement interval in dusty operating conditions.


Check conditon of all drive belts.


Change ATF in automatic transmission while at normal operating temperature.


Change oill in manual transmission while at normal operating temperature.


Change oil in rear axle while at normal operating temperature.


Check thickness of parking brake linings.


Half-shafts: Check fo rleaks at flexible boots.


Replace fuel filters.  Recommended in California, required in all other states.
Note:  Reduce replacement interval if fuel contamination is encounteredor prevalent.


Inspect entire body according to terms of rust perforation limited warranty (must be performed at least every two years).

At Every Second Inspection II:

Change oil in manual transmission while at normal operating temperature.


Check clutch disc for wear.


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